Belgian rapper Woodie Smalls announces a brand new mixtape for early 2016 and shares the first cut from it, called ‘Jawbreaker’, which showcases in full his highly promising and refreshing delivering.

“This is me just running with the music, focusing on nothing else and working hard,” Woodie explains. “When I was younger me and my neighbour used to steal these jawbreakers from the local store and we used to run super fast when we stole em. And this track, the pace, it reminded me of us running. It’s pretty much me just talking about not caring about anything that’s going on around me, I feel super confident when I play this song.”WOODIE SMALLS1‘Champion Sound’ is the shining number from his impressive summery debut album ‘Soft Parade’.

‘Soft Parade’ he explains…”It was made in the Summer so I sounded super happy on a lot of tracks. But these new tracks sound darker. A lot of things have changed around me and you get to hear that throughout the mixtape.”