The daughter of a world famous Czechoslovakian conductor and from a family of classical musicians, Veronika Vesper is a cinematic electronic pop princess, fashion model, classical flutist and above all an accomplished artist.

Check out the stylish video to accompany ‘Rule’, her new single (out May 3rd on Volcanique Records).

The song is a confident statement of self-belief over adversity. On overcoming years addiction and depression, and a medically induced near death experience, Veronika reveals:
“The way we see things , and our attitude towards them, determine if things appear to us as positive or negative.

Therefore in every situation we can decide if we are a victim of the circumstances or if we ‘rule’.

The song is based on my previous life experiences and struggles with my own darkness and insecurities.

It also touches upon a method of identification I sometimes use, when I feel low or that I can’t do something.

In this case I’m calling upon my favourite heroic character Lara Croft and inviting her consciousness to blend with mine and pass on the superpowers…I Rule…”