Totem Terrors announce their second album, Hard Science, released 29th June 2015 via Diet Pops. A sonic punch to the stomach, Hard Science is an accomplished minimalist post punk opus riffing on themes of alienation.

If you’ve not heard any of Totem Terrors’ music before, then you are in for a real treat. This no holds barred alternative rock duo have an impressive sound that nods back to the heyday of New Wave, but with a modern slant. They’ve also got bags of energy, leading us to believe that THIS is a band who need to be seen live to be truly appreciated.

Well, we can maybe help you with that as the pair have released a video that’s captured a live performance of their outstanding album track ‘Lies’. There are no bells and whistles, just two musicians doing what they do and creating something that not only sounds great, but looks amazing too. Check it out.

Totem Terrors’ second album Hard Science is released 29th June 2015 via Diet Pops.