TIN CAN TELESCOPECharming Aarhus-based garage rock band, Tin Can Telescope – Lasse Guldberg, Emil Klessner, Sejer Villadsen and Peter Jakob Schmid – showcase in a suitably raw and visceral manner, their new single ‘Verge & Virtues’, via the ‘Tapetown Live Singles‘ by Danish-based Tapetown Studios.

Can you talk about your performance at ‘Tapetown Live Singles‘?

We tried to recreate Lasses living room, but failed… hard. Instead we used the studio’s own natural vibe, and the arcade machine… A lot. I actually think we played the song a bit faster than usual, just to have more time with that coin-eating monster, but in the end it was all for the best…what was the question again?TIN CAN TELESCOPE2We heard that your drummer Lasse has a list of what he wants to be in life and that drummer in a band is second behind doing pottery – are you afraid someday you will loose him to clay and ashtrays?

Nonsmokers makes the best ashtrays, cause they have no rush in finishing them… like we did with the arcade machine. But yeah, the fear emerges whenever Lasse lays down the drumsticks, along with the question: “Has he laid them down for good?” But usually, he only drops his sticks for a cup of coffee.”TIN CAN TELESCOPE3For your session, your lead guitarist plays in front of a giant wall of old guitar amps – is that his regular setup or where did you get all those amps from?

A few of them are actually from this millennium (the lead-guitarist points out). When our lead guitarist saw all the amps that the studio had lying around, he went a little haywire and tried daisy-chaining them all. He was caught before completing his mission, and that might have been for the best. If he’d succeeded, he would not have been able to stop playing. Playing at his pace, you can only play for 45 minutes until you collapse. We couldn’t have that. We knew beforehand that he would need quite a few takes before the GOLDEN one, so we couldn’t lose him to fatigue.TIN CAN