North American artist T R U V O N N E has been building a name for herself from the ground up. 

Filling her latest release Broken House with soft pillows of electronics and R&B nuances, the track details a relationship imbued with uncertainty – on the brink of collapse. Scattered with electronics and T R U V O N N E’s soft vocals, the track cracks like a broken heart, revealing the pain and anguish at its core. 

“We all have our own version of what a broken house is. We share a piece of ourselves every time we enter a new experience with someone, and depending on how that experience turns out, or doesn’t… we’re in a constant state of rebuilding and remanufacturing and changing. Like you are in a constant state of development. But also you get to a point where you don’t want to break down and have to rebuild your emotions anymore and I think that turns into the timid, hesitance that we begin to feel when starting with someone new.”

Broken House is out now.