Sundai1‘Unreliable’ – co produced with Wantigga – is the first offering from London-based singer/ songwriter Sundai, the first taste of her temptingly smooth fusion of hiphop, rnb funk, soul with a jazzy vibe..

Can you talk about your debut track ‘Unreliable’ co produced with Wantigga.

Its about a boy, but it’s about a friendship gone wrong. It’s a track about broken promises and despite your better judgement giving someone your trust and your time. It’s not the same as a love gone wrong, it’s a friendship, and in a sense I think that’s more delicate and hurts deeper, hurts differently. The worst thing is showing someone your vulnerable side, and have them down the line totally abuse that. Most of the time life is not symmetrical, and the only resolve in the track is the fact that I learn I don’t want to ever be that kind of person.

What were your influences whilst writing it?

At the time I was listening to a lot of 90’s RnB, and also a lot of old skool soul, singers like Patrice Rushen, i love her storytelling and her tone as well. You kinda fall into the narrative of the track whilst also being able to relate. I think you can hear that approach in ‘Unreliable’ – it’s about a specific situation but with a wider relatable theme.
Tell us more about your project….Releasing a track per month for all of 2016 each month...

Yes, I wanted to do that as apposed to releasing an EP, or an album because I have a story to tell, I wanted the journey to be organic, I want to make music for people with experiences, regrets, hopes, fears, and releasing a track per month is a way to unravel a story, my story, my perspective, but inevitably reflect the feeling of the listener, everything i’ve gone through they’ve gone through and more, this is like pages from a diary that belongs to everyone.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Musical? always go back to the dons John Coltrane & Stevie Wonder. 2 Pac for being wildly ahead of his time. Lauryn Hill of course, Bob Marley I grew up listening to and also my parents used to play loads of Sergio Mendes.

Non musical – Joyce Meyer, she is amazing, she speaks such truth. I like watching quantum physics shows late at night, and I like visiting galleries like the Royal Academy. Wish I had more time for that stuff.

What are your dreams and goals?

To serve people through music. To get real wisdom. To draw closer to God each day.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Kendrick, for sure! and theres this producer called iamnobodi from soulection, his music is my dream, so it would be sick to link up with him!

Are you planning any live shows and what will they be like?

Not planning just yet, but I have dreams, and they will be wild.
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