LA band Sextile – Melissa Scaduto, Eddie Wuebben, Kenny Elkin, Brady Keehn – share ‘Flesh’, a second exciting cut from their debut album ‘A Thousand Hands’, set for August 21st via Felte.

Describing their sound as “dark, primitive post punk from outer space”, the new track follows ‘Can’t Take It’, moving forward with their exploration into the occult with themes of infatuation, desire, the unattainable and the fear of loss…

The album title is inspired by a form of spirit channeling that Wuebben was experimenting with one night…An open eye meditation that made him feel thousands of hands reaching down towards him – a vision that was both frightening & exhilarating…

Live dates:
08.20 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra (Album Release Party)
09.22 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex w/ Chameleons Vox, The Soft Kill