Melbourne-based, exciting ambient electronic/hip hop project SAATSUMA – Memphis Kelly, Joel Ma, Cesar Rodrigues – unveil their brilliantly promising FREE debut track called ‘Storm’, mixed by Declan Kelly (aka Dream Kit).

Memphis said: “After 8 months of collaboration, home-studio bonding, Cornish sangaz and strong soy decaf lattes, we’re finally ready to drop our debut single ‘Storm’.

As a result of the collaborative nature of the project, the track developed into a mixture of each of the individuals’ musical styles, featuring elements of hip hop, house, & neo-soul. Cesar says seeing it evolve was like watching a beautiful storm brewing. Yes Cesar, it truly was…”

On stage SAATSUMA are a five-piece live band – Memphis Kelly, Cesar Rodrigues, Maddy Kelly, Andrew Congues, Henry Jenkins – featuring analog synths, layered vocals, guitar, bass, drums & live samples.

Photo by Blank Tape Music, artwork by Ajay