FM Presents | REYNA

Tegan and Sara-approved, Milwaukee based Mexican American sister-duo REYNA (Vic and Gabby Banuelos), share a slice of lush ‘80s-inspired electro-pop as with convincing new track ‘The Way I Loved You’. which was recorded at the legendary Capitol Records Studios.

On the inspiration behind the track, which was recorded at the legendary Capitol Records Studios, Banuelos explains…“When I went to Mexico for college I was just beginning to discover myself and feeling comfortable with my sexuality. I fell in love hard for a girl I met and it was the most intense, young crazy love you could imagine. I ended up breaking her heart and simultaneously breaking my own for a very long time. TWILY is about wanting to love someone new with that same intensity, without caution or fear. But it’s almost impossible because every new relationship you’re more and more guarded. It’s almost like you’re protecting your heart instead of letting yourself fall in love.”