REYKJAVIK KIDSNewcastle/London-based dynamic duo Reykjavik Kids – Paul Tissington (guitar) & Scott Munro (vocals) – unveil this summer-breezed video for ‘The Moneymaker’, a track about “being trapped within a cold city, with no way to break out.”

‘The Moneymaker’ gives us a measure of their smartly skewed and refreshing combination of indie, dance and punk. Guitarist/synth player Paul explains: “This was the 2nd RK song we ever wrote and it hasn’t changed much from the first demo. We loved the grating synth and rawness that was captured so we ended up scrapping a later version made in a proper studio and went back to our much loved demo which we recorded with my beat-up gear in my flat.”

Speaking about the video, which was shot in Los Angeles by the band and produced/edited by Sarah Negahdari (Happy Hollows, Pisces), singer Scott says: “It just flowed together – first I saw the cool peep hole in the door which gave me the idea, then we got hold of an old guitar, borrowed a Go-Pro and we were set”.

“It may be dance inspired music and have synths, drum machines and things – explain the duo – but it still has its roots deeply implanted in the stuff we love like The Beatles, Gang of Four, Interpol, The Rakes just great simple guitar tunes. Basically music we want to listen to ourselves.”