rahmNYC artist RAHM drops ‘Wet Words’, a smartly futuristic and yet accessible and intense tune, taken from his debut album, set for release early next year on Flexible Records.

...The girl on my soccer team who would hang out sometimes when I would go over to the Brooks’ house to hang out with Graham whose name I think started with a C. I didn’t imagine kissing you as much as I imagined putting my mouth around your whole head and kind of ingesting you – inhaling you so fully that you’d end up on my inside, inhaling my inhale, exhaling my drawn out sigh, bearing forth another us, a unity, a third organism that is us both in tandem, symbiotic, perennially together. If you find this please call me. You’re certainly a different person by now. But I must know. If before you didn’t see me, I ask you to see me now. Know me. I recorded something and put it on the internet hoping maybe deep down you would hear. You and all the others. Do you hear me? Did you hear me then? Try to remember, exhume the skeleton of some forgotten sliver of affection for the short boy who played Samoset in the Plymouth Rock play one fall and sang “I Believe I Can Fly” to himself every time he rode the tire swing and breathe life back into that a limitless liking. Maybe even like liking. Hear it please, and remember. Because I LIKE LIKED YOU. I did. I DO. Find me…”