Philadelphia based girl gang Queen of Jeans – Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass, Nina Scotto + Patrick Wall – share ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’, a piece of their timelessly engaging crockpot pop and “estrogen on ice”.

The stimulating track is lifted from the band’s self-titled debut EP out January 22nd on Super Fan 99 (UK) & Third Uncle Records (US). The band describes themselves as: “A never ending sleepover with slapstick fighting to boot…”

Speaking about their Philly home, singer Miriam Devora reveals: “In winter months, we usually keep warm at our favorite local pub, Lucky 13. Sometimes if we annoy him enough, the owner Clark will play our songs in the bar.”Queen Of Jeans2‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ is released on ultra-limited hand cut square vinyl and is backed with a cover of the The Bangles ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ a live favorite in their set.