London-based four-piece Prom – Ed Kirwan (drums), Nick Benton (bass), Angela Won-Yin Mak (vocals, guitar), Pip Stakem (lead guitar) – share AA Side 7″ Single ‘Touch Me’ / ‘I’ll Teach You’ (OUT NOW), the perfect introduction to of their excitingly powerful “Industrial Surf” offering…

Alluring & charismatic frontwoman Angela Won-Yin Mak explains: ‘The vocals are ugly…It’s about exploding platitudes and empty, exaggerated, romantic gestures born from guilt, regret and fear…Think of buying flowers when you’ve done something wrong, the flowers seem so ugly in those situations.”

Speaking about ‘I’ll Teach You’s fierce sonic delivery, Angela says: “It’s music for machines to dance to with a video stuck between reality and the fantasy of escaping the male gaze”. The video was directed by Katia Ganfeld and Chris Wade (Dogbrains videos), with all clothing designed by Simon Preen.prom1_Collage

GET the 7” produced by Rory Attwell of Brattwell recordings HERE