FM Presents | Pluto Lèbon

London singer and songwriter Pluto Lèbon, shines in a wonderfully intense video – directed by Ash Riley and TGD – for her equally intriguing single ‘Unknown’, the first cut from her up and coming Ep “ATLANTIS”.

Speaking of the Ezzrah and Ayobeatz-produced meaningful tune, Lèbon reveals: “I wrote this song from a place of real uncertainty, where I just wanted answers for things happening around me, but it can also mean different things for the listener. We’re all searching for our own truths and answers. Whatever the question is, I hope this song can spur listeners into actively seeking the answers we need…What I wanted to do with ‘Unknown’ is challenge minds, mine included, to be more aware of things happening around the world. We certainly all have questions about our own issues, but if we can be more observant of the pain and struggles other people are facing, and be more empathetic, I think the world could be in a better place”.