Wonderfully gifted singer/songwriter Paddy Hanna, a Dublin native and lead singer of ‘Grand Pocket Orchestra’, releases ‘Austria’ and B side ‘Camaraderie’ on 11th May via Trout Records. Both stunningly honest and engaging tracks are produced by Paddy’s regular collaborator, Mark Chester.

Paddy explains: “Last summer I was crippled with depression, to the point where I was physically and mentally too sick to stand. I spent many weeks alone in my cottage growing ever more paranoid of the outside world and the joyful cheers of the summer crowd. The song (camaraderie) concerns losing touch with how it feels to be human in a tourist town.

On the strong Dublin scene Paddy says: “You can’t throw a stick these days without hitting a solid Dublin band, so if indeed I am a part of that then I’m a happy little clam.”

Live Dates:
May 11th Servant Jazz Quarters London
June 13th Bello Bar Dublin