FM Presents | Naomi Lareine

Naomi Lareine is an exciting r&b artist that’s well versed in modern harmonic sounds. Hailing from Switzerland, Naomi has worked with electro producer Cella after the success of her first release Sweet Latina.

Her newest effort, More & More, leads up to her first-ever EP. It’s a smooth injection of forward-thinking r&b. Naomi’s lyrics weave a tale of expectations from both your self and others.

We chatted to Naomi this week about why she chose a career in music, narrative inspiration and more.

What first drew you to music?

Music was always a part of my life. I can remember how I was singing every morning when I was little. My biggest inspiration is Alicia Keys. She was the reason why I started playing the piano. That was a big step for me musically.

How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard it?

New r&b

When songwriting, how do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration within my experiences and situations in life. My EP Unchained is inspired of the relationship issues that I had with sweet latina

What is the narrative of your new single, More & More?

Basically it’s about realizing what happened to me and what I should think about the situation and how I should act even tho it hurts myself. 

What are your plans for your musical career going forward?

I want to focus on my upcoming EP Unchained which is going to be released on Oct. 9 and continue to create good music and visuals with my team.

What would be your main goal as an artist?

My main goal is to be one of best artists and go on world tour. I want to go all the way up with my team and grow as a person.