Aussie art pop princess Montaigne – also known as talented songwriter Jess Cerro – shares a new live video for ‘A Cinematic Plea For An End’, a splendidly soulful ballad, lifted from her debut EP ‘Life Of Montaigne’.

Montaigne explains: “Cinematic the song basically expresses several issues with idealism, both in platonic and romantic relationships. It is pretty much a letter to myself which is me trying to ensure that I don’t create unreasonable and idealistic expectations of situations and relationships, so that I don’t hurt myself nor others.”

Montaigne is due to perform at Come Together Festival and open the Japanese Wallpaper national tour…She says: “I love performing, I love the thrill of it, the challenge, the risk, and the result when you pull it off. And I just love singing. I always do it, and when I’m performing on stage I get to do it in a grander setting and on a grander scale. I also really love meeting fans. They’re always really lovely, very affirming, very effusive, which I like in a person,“