Sydney-based rapper Miles Glyphers, introduces himself like this…”Underpinning my unlike hip hop in nature, to exceed the word no limit…” and unveils ‘Lake House’ and ‘Out of Time’, two super smooth tune lifted from his ‘Twisted Youth’ EP, out 27 May.

Miles explains: “When I was younger I would take trips to places that were calm and relaxing. I remember sitting by a lake one day and I imagined what it would be like living there. The only thing that came to my mind was peace and relaxation. To me Lake House represents escaping to a better place.”

Out of Time’, produced by London-based Sound of Fractures, talks about his personal story of love and loss: “I thought me and my girl could build a future that early in life. In the end it didn’t work out. But no matter what u do, when u have a connection with someone that deep, it will always be a part of you.”

In case you missed them, check out his earlier releases: A remix of JOY.’s Stone + ‘They are Free’.

On his unique style Miles says : “My style is a mixture of things am into, lots of colours which makes it seems a little tropical. I dress like a skater in a hip hop form, am into shorts and high socks, Vans etc. I rather call my style unlike hip-hop, because usually people expect chains and certain type of fashion wear.”