Describing herself as “mystical dirtbag. Usually happier than I sound”, Merival’s – Toronto-based songstress Anna Horvath – first EP ‘Lovers’ is out January 29th.

She introduces her splendidly personal and enchanting new track ‘Kicking You Out’ – recorded and produced by Asher Gould-Murtagh – like this…”All of the songs on Lovers were written before I was 20. I wrote ‘Kicking You Out’, the second single, when I was 17 – it’s the oldest song on the EP – about someone I’d been in love with for 2 years already. I’d never lived with him so I took some artistic liberties there; the idea of kicking him out was more of a premonition I had, that I would carry him with me for years and years after the fact and would need to be continually kicking him out of my mind. So far it’s held true.”

I was 17, I was in love, and it hurt
well I wanna be famous someday
and I wanna make good, steady pay
and I’m thinking of kicking you out

oh I’d like a house on a street with a view
and I’d like the room with the walls painted blue
and I’ll be kicking you out of there too

well the carpet is dirty, and so is the bed
and my lips, cheeks, and eyelids are painted with lead
and I’m thinking of kicking you out

oh I’d like a wordless vacation for one
it would feel like a week with no rain but no sun
it’d be better than kicking you out