Maya PayneFollowing the release of catchy tune ‘We Are The Wild’, excitingly talented 19-year-old, Kiwi new pop princess, Maya Payne, drops ‘Breathe Again’, out now via her very own label Rolley Records.

She describes the standout single like this…”Breathe Again is a much darker (than ‘We Are The Wild’) track for me. I wanted it to feel broody and portray the pain in the song. The chorus, however is a wave of synths that show the promise of the future. This track is about wanting to revive a relationship that has gone wrong in some way and bring it back to life.”

On We Are The Wild, she says: “The single is all about empowerment. I want people to feel happy and confident when they hear it. There are so many things in our society that bring us down and make us feel bad about ourselves. It’s about embracing our youth and coming together to have fun”.