From his rather precious debut EP ‘The Little Things’, singer-songwriter Marlon Percy shares a slice of “Electronic Soul with a Twist” gladness, via a suitably intriguing video for standout EP’s title track ‘The Little Things’.

Marlon explains: “The Little Things’ is about wandering,escapism and weighing up the pros and cons of being ‘free’ from a person you are emotionally bound to. It is also about contemplating betrayal whilst considering all the love and loyalty that person has shown. I wrote this song because all of the male role models in my life have been unfaithful to their loved ones”

The ‘Little Things’ EP deals with human experience of love, loss, fear and purpose…‘While all of the songs deal lyrically with potentially heavy issues – he says – the melodies and the chilled electronic production style creates an uplifting atmosphere. To echo the fluctuating nature of life, I wanted to create contrasting feelings of happiness and sorrow in both me (in the process of creation) and the listener”

ICYMI here’s ‘Your Fool’