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With the end of the year fast approaching, all eyes are on the look-out for the best new music and emerging artists around. And it seems Foreign Family Collective have their finger one the pulse as they’ve just released the ‘blush’ EP from electronic two piece

Made up of five genre stepping tracks, the EP is an impressive step for the emerging pair who are beginning to lean into their signature sound. Lush guitars are blended with electronic production and bold vocal melodies, creating a unique soundscape that oozes charisma. summarise this personal project with fond nostalgia, saying: “blush’ is our time capsule. We made each of these tracks at such a specific time of our lives. There is no doubt that in 30 years, we’re going to listen to this EP and be transported to Tennessee roads and cicada songs. We’re going to remember the laughter, and the tears, the stress and the hugs. We’re going to remember 12-hour jam sessions and staying up until the sun rose, sleeping until 3pm, then doing it again.’’

It’s the perfect mix of immersive prog-pop and electronic vibes that has had us hooked from the opening track – take a listen now!

By Holly Frith