LINAHSplendidly talented “princess of DIY pop”, Linah, unveils ‘This is What You Get’, an alluringly shining track released on May 3rd.

Speaking about her fetching pop tune, about troubled relationships with boyfriends, family or friends, the singer/songwriter/producer explains: “I started to think of all the times I’ve been in a relationship with someone who didn’t treat me the way I’d liked to have been treated”.

Interestingly and inspiringly for all..”Linah suffered with severe anxiety as a child which caused several embarrassing notions like a speech impediment and “morning sickness” before school. One day her mum surprised her with vouchers to help purchase a radio; little did she know this will change her life forever…”LINAH2On her problems, as a child with a speech impediment and severe anxiety, she reveals: “I got picked on throughout my school years and had no friends for a good few years…So I started to teach myself how to sing at eight years of age by mimicking all these fabulous singers I heard on the radio. I really found solitude and home in music as I didn’t fit in anywhere and I sure didn’t want to!”

On discovering the first time king of pop, Michael Jackson, she remembers: “He hypnotised me! To me, he was a god of music. It seemed as though he was channelling the very source of sound and performing it to everyone of us in a language we could all understand!”

See Linah Live:
I Am Music – Play It Forward – 30th March – Queen of Hoxton, East London

Photos by Cerys Sian Thomas