FM Presents | KEIR

Keir is an extravagant, dark pop artist that splits his time between Berlin and Bristol. His uniquely fiery music is intended for individual interpretation. The new angsty effort, Shiver, represents a distinct place that lies between optimism and pessimism – wherever that may be for you. 

We chat to Keir about his musical evolution and the beauty of not knowing.

Do you remember the moment that you decided to pursue music professionally?

It strangely never crossed my mind to do anything else, I was always obsessed with songs and how to make them. I worked as a support worker for people with autism and learning disabilities for 4 years and loved every second but I always knew deep down I had to do music. And even when I felt like it was such a strange career choice as my friends went off to study Law or Mathematics, you can’t pretend your something you are not. I just love it.

How has your music evolved since then?

It’s weird because I think it’s constantly evolving even day by day. I like to write a lot of new songs most weeks and often even the bad ones are signs of evolving style. I guess it’s just a bit boring if you are standing still or happy in one place. I like to be free to evolve, move backwards forwards and in any direction possible. 

What’s your favourite part of being a musician?

I love performing. I love writing. To be honest I love the whole thing, it’s a dream.

Is there a certain message or emotion you hope to convey with your most recent release, Shiver?

I’m not sure. It’s quite an angsty song. Full of pent up frustration, claustraphobia, romance. I’m not sure I could tell you more than that really. 

Where do you hope to take your music, sonically, going forward?

Well, I think that’s the whole beauty of this, I don’t know. And I shouldn’t know. If I knew where I was going I’m not sure I’d be very excited to keep going at all. I love the ‘not knowing’, what will be will be.