At just 14-years old, Jordan Acosta Lee manages to balance an emotional maturity in her lyrics alongside fresh, youthful vibrance. Cliche Love is full of the chilled r’n’b vibes she is quickly becoming known for during her so far short time in the music scene. 

Listening to the track you can hear Acosta Lee’s musical influences coming through, such as Jhené Aiko and H.E.R. Using their influence, she builds a well developed pop and r’n’b inspired foundation which she tops with her emotional lyrics. 

Speaking about the track, Jordan Acosta Lee says, Cliché Love dives into the experience of a person in an unfaithful relationship that is struggling with wanting to be with someone while knowing the relationship should end. When you love a person so much, you can’t let go no matter what. Sometimes a faithful partner wishes a relationship would be normal but it’s not. When the relationship is not working, a person can feel trapped and confused about what to do.”

A young voice, with musical maturity, Jordan Acosta Lee is a well refined artist, with an insightful take on emotions far beyond her years. 

Photo by Mei Huang