jonojosh1The Toronto based singer-songwriter JonoJosh, introduces his song/video ‘Birds’ – a sparklying relevant piece of modern soulful pop, lifted from his debut ‘Outside’ EP – like this…”When I wrote ‘Birds’ I was looking for answers to questions that I felt most people ask. Looking for an identity, purpose, self-reliance. At times when I asked these tough questions it felt overwhelming but I realized that the only way I would find the answers was if I kept asking and looking. I hope that ‘Birds’ at the very least opens a dialogue about finding resonance in a world of dissonance.”

He adds: “I grew up in a family where everything seemed easy. I didn’t know otherwise. It wasn’t until I grew up that my realized how hard my parents worked to put food on the table when I was little. We were always singing and dancing, no matter what happened that’s just what we did.

My brothers and I would break dance and my mom would sing to us. Music was our way of pushing through the storm.. my song ‘Birds’ is about that…”

Speaking of his ‘Outside’ EP, JonoJosh says: “It’s about experiencing life, whether it’s love, heartbreak, freedom, self-reliance or discovery. The style, although reminiscent of soul is infused with 808s and is meant to take the listener on a journey of discovery and connection.”

Photography by Brayden Swire of Swire Photos