FM Presents | James Deacon

James Deacon’s Not Givin’ Up – written by Deacon & Paul Gala – is a slice of powerful yet soulful modern alt-pop, that works as the perfect prelude to Deacon’s debut EP The Calling, released via Hunter As a Horse’s label Bad Future Records.

Hailing from Johannesburg, the 22 year-old eclectic artist reveals: “Not Givin’ Up is all about leaving the safety of a day job or desk job and pursuing my dream regardless of how hard it will be to get where I want to go. Basically life is short and I don’t want to waste my life cooped up in the same environment until I die. It’s a big fuck you to all the bosses I’ve ever had and all the people who held me back or told me I wasn’t good enough.

Interestingly… Despite a life-threatening accident severing tendons in Deacon’s right arm nixing his ability to play the instruments he learned to love (violin at age 4, guitar by way of a chanced-upon Jimi Hendrix Greatest Hits CD at age 10)…

“Heads are shaking, it’s my awakening”