jailboxSt Louis three-piece Jailbox – Andrew Tanz (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion), Joseph Bassa (vocals, guitars, percussion) and Aaron Essner (percussion, drums) – talk about fitting in today’s musical landscape and share their thoughts on the band’s wonderfully reflective and pensive, moon-pop tune called ‘Idea Jar’, out now via FarmerTanz Records.

Hi Jailbox, how are you?

Hey guys, doing well, thanks.

How would you describe your sound?

Soft rock sounds, wet and atmospheric, moon-pop dreamgaze.

As a band, how does the writing process work?

Usually, Andy and Joe sit in a room with a riff, or line, or hook, and form arrangements around ideas which get further developed by Aaron with a beat or pattern structure inserted. A lot of the outline comes from the initial recording process, and trying new recording pathways/techniques.

You had been on hiatus as a band for a while but came back with the release of single ‘Idea Jar’ why did you break and how did you find it coming back together?

We released an EP in 2011 and supported it with an extensive U.S. tour. We felt a little exhausted from the year and individually moved away to explore personal interests other than the outlet of music. Ultimately, as we guessed we would, we ended up missing recording and performing together. We made the decision to come back to a central location familiar to us, with the southeastern area of the state home to our families, we chose St. Louis. jailbox2In terms of genre, where do you think your sound fits in today’s musical landscape?

On the softer side of the pillow. Honestly, it comes from a lot of the things in the world – weather, landscape, experience(s), memories, re-memories – and that usually tends to come out of us on the mellower side of things, so probably something emotional.

You are from St. Louis, what is the music scene like back home?

Vibrant. Regardless of what type of music you want to play or hear, there are people in the city somewhere doing it. Albeit, the historical Blues sound is very much alive, the city definitely offers variety. We’ve found our experiences to be very community-oriented, which is something beautiful.

Are there any bands from back home you would recommend to us?

There are definitely some great songwriters, lyricists and genuine players we draw inspiration from: Mackey Smith (the Mustard Beards), Cara Louise, Dubb Nubb, Cody Mitchell, the guys in Cannon Field are amazing.

For those who haven’t seen you perform, what is a Jailbox live show like?

Bring a pillow…Just joking! The jokes may be pretty bad. We have a four-piece set up on stage; two sitters, two standers. Come see for yourself! Lights & sounds.

If you could support one band in the world past or present who would it be and why?

Sigur Ros – total inspiration, hope and beauty. We love everything about everything they’ve ever done.

What does the rest of 2016 hold for Jailbox?

We plan to release new songs and music videos.