Norwegian trio Gold Celeste – Simen Hallset on bass/vocals, Petter Andersen on drums and Eirik Fidjeland on guitar/synths/vocals – release their debut album ‘The Glow’ on September 11th via Riot Factory. To get a taste of it, here’s ‘Open Your Eyes’, a dazzling “sunkissed psychpop” tune, about justified distrust and endless hope and love…

Singer and bassist Simen Hallset explains: “We’re all sharing the experience of life. If you can’t picture a world filled with a diversity of societies and cultures getting along, you’ve got to open your eyes and expose the obstacles in our way for what they truly are.

Human nature they are not. To quote the song’s refrain ‘This is just a friendly wake-up call. I’d rather see you dance than trip and fall’.”gold celeste2

Speaking about ‘The Glow’, a record soaked in hope, positivity, honesty, disgust, humour and lots of love, Simen reveals:

”The record’s title comes from the glow every human being is carrying, whether they’re aware of it or not.

There is no doubt, what so ever, when looking at the history of mankind that we’re able to do the most atrocious and evil acts, and these acts will change both people and societies as a whole. What we are, and might be capable of. Our potential is of both being infinitely hateful, and infinitely loving. This is the glow.”

On the band’s name, he says: “Gold Celeste is a name inspired by the beautiful play of colors and lights in the sky during the golden hour, right after sunrise or just before sunset. In a way, that phenomenon reflects what we hope to achieve with our music; tempting people to pause for a while, relax in whatever manner they see fit, focus and simply indulge.”


Photo by Benedikte Olsen
Album art/design made by photographer Benedikte Olsen in cooperation with Simen.