Federal UnicornCharmingly dynamic, Danish grunge trio, Federal Unicorn – Robert Jancewicz (voice, guitar), Kuba Sypniewski (bass) and Kristian Nielsen (drums, backing vocals) – talk ‘Substances’, heart-pounding punk, kissing Ozzy Osbourne and energetic raw octopus…

Hi Federal Unicorn, how are you today?

Quite excellent and quite mansome.

Please introduce yourself and let us know what you play.

I’m Kuba, 27 and I’m the dude on the bass. Robert, also 27, and I’m the singer playing some strings also. And Kristian – I’m 30 and the guy hitting the wood-barrels.

What are the themes behind ‘Substances’?

Substances..Federal Unicorn1If you could write any other genre, what kind of band do you think you’d become?

The simple answer is…we couldn’t. Basically because it took us 5 years just agreeing to what we are doing now. Our musical backgrounds are so different it almost sounds like a bad joke. Kristian came from playing funk and soul, Kuba from metal, and Robert from punk. We do however like to imitate artists in fun every now and then – so if anything – a comedy-cover-band.

If you guys could date any artist in the industry who would that be and why?

Ozzy Osbourne. Because kissing that man would most likely make us immortal.

When did you first realise you wanted to become musicians?

For all of us it happened at a very early stage in childhood, and we’ve all played different instruments also. Music has always been the only true joy.

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Energetic raw octopus

Now describe your look in 2.

Different dudes

Describe your attitude in 1.


Finally what can we expect from Federal Unicorn in the upcoming months?

New stuff is about to hit the air! We have both a ballad, and a grunge song in the making, that we are pretty excited about. So stay tuned.