enola-fallDepicting their music as “bleeding heart indie played by punks”, Melbourne-based Tasmanian band Enola Fall – led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Joe Nuttall – drop ‘Stab On’, the lead single, lifted from their new album ‘Heliotropic’ and recorded in Sydney with Lachlan Mitchell.

Speaking of the sharply and instantly catchy indie-pop number, shaded with a subtle early-The Killers vibe, Nuttall says: “This song is a statement about simply not giving a fuck if you’re cool or not. There’s a culture in Melbourne of not-trying-too-hard. It’s a strange combination of hipster kids and that particular Australian apathy, where there’s the mindset of ‘Don’t spend too much effort or time on art, just grow a moustache’, which is the worst advice to give a musician ever!
enola-fall-promo-2Enola Fall are: Joe Nuttall (singing, guitars, keys and banjo) Stan Barnes (drums, tromboner) Lochner James (guitars) Mark Woodward (bass, woodwind).