Emilie Ramirez1Enchantingly intriguing 21-year-old Danish vocalist/producer Emilie Ramirez, drops this stunning video for her track ‘Lupus'(produced with Frankie Motion). A sleek, personal and irresistibly soulful, R&B-tinted pop gem.

Emilie explains: “Lupus is about what we can’t control as humans, to feel small in a big universe, to learn to let go, to see the beauty in being different, knowing who your are, to stand by your beliefs and to be eager and willing to evolve and get wiser but not by compromising your integrity.” Emilie Ramirez2She reveals…”In my world, when words are not enough, music and art speak for them…Music is a necessity for me, like food and water. Music is my respite and my refuge.”