FM Presents | Curtis Walsh

At just 17, Irish singer/songwriter Curtis Walsh is already making waves in his native Ireland. Following the release of his sparkling and powerful debut offering, called ‘Full Recovery’ (recorded and produced by Ross Dowling), he opens up about the idea & inspiration behind the track, his icons, the first album he purchased, the best thing about being a performer in Ireland…and getting nervous before playing every gig.

Whats’s up, Curtis? What’s on your mind right now…?

Right now I’m just about to jump into the shower and get ready to going into Dublin to meet with Brian and Ciaran (my management team ) to shoot video content of an acoustic version of my debut single, Full Recovery.

Tell us everything we should know about your ‘Full Recovery’. Whats the idea and vibes behind it…

I wrote ‘Full Recovery’ for a girl I was seeing at the time that was going through a rough time. I could relate to what she was going through from past experiences and wanted to help her realise that things could be worse and that it would be okay in the end. During these past experiences I remember being in Dublin one evening and met a homeless man. I spoke to him briefly and realised that some people out there have it a lot worse than I do. After that it kind of changed my general mindset and how I looked at situations. I wrote Full Recovery to try to change the mind frame of this girl so she would realise no matter how bad the situation is, that with a bit of patience and trust, everything will eventually be okay.

Which animal would best suit your personality?

My friends and I had a discussion about this like two days ago haha! And it would have to be a meerkat!

Who are your musical and non-musical icons?

The more I listen to music and different artists, my musical icons seem to change! I admire people such as Coldplay, Emelie Sande, Adele, as rhese were the first artists that made me appreciate music a lot more and look at it in a different way – mainly inspiring me to learn how to make music . As I got older I was listening to a wider range of different music such as Oasis, The Beatles, Kings of Leon etc. These artists will always be icons to me as I feel they were almost a foundation of what direction of what type of music I went on to make myself. Right now I’m really interested in newer artists such as Post Malone and Julia Michaels and other pop musicians that I feel are affecting how I write melody and from listening to well-thought out, catchy songs.

Which artists are you listening to right now?

Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of contemporary music and constantly listening out for what’s new. I am enjoying acts like Dermot Kennedy, Post Malone, Camila Cabello and Sam Smith

Do you ever get nervous about getting on stage?

I used to get nervous before playing every gig. Especially when I was younger. I found myself always worrying about something going wrong but as time went on and with a lot of practice building confidence I stopped worrying and just enjoyed what I was doing and now – the time I used to spend worrying I now spend interacting with the crowd and thinking of ways I can make the gig as memorable as possible.

What was the first album you purchased?

The first album I ever purchased was the Joshua tree by U2

How would you describe your fashion style?

I have two different styles. When I have a gig or I’m going out on weekends I would wear a slightly unique shirt and any pair of jeans and during the week and when I just want to chill I’ll wear a jumper and baggy tracksuit bottoms

The best thing about being a performer in Ireland…

For me I find it amazing how supportive the Irish are to there own. Especially with the release of ‘Full Recovery’ I got a huge amount of Irish support with the release .

Tell us about your next show and why we should be there

My next show will be an intimate gig in a local venue in the midlands here in Ireland. With intimate gigs I try and involve the crowd in a different way to a bigger crowd. I like getting crowds entertained, so they feel like they’ve had a great night. I’ll be playing my first UK date before Christmas though so people in the UK can catch me then!

What does the rest of 2018 hold for you?

Before the end of 2018 I will have released another single – possibly two – and will be constantly writing new music and gigging!