Los Angeles-based enticing songstress Conway, reveals ‘Sudden Dawn’, the standout cut lifted from her self-titled EP, released via Zoobie Tuesday. The surprising tune is a temptingly graceful pop pearl, with a dash of proper attitude.

“‘Sudden Dawn’ is about people believing in and being comfortable with who they are, being open and connecting because of it,” says the Missouri native. “It was inspired by a Native American girl who wrote to me from a reservation. She said she wanted me to know that she supported my music and was ‘sending light from her crazy circle to me’. I thought that image was magical and I wanted to send some light too.”CONWAY2Speaking about finally gaining full control of her material, she says: “I am independent again and it feels great! I need to be free to release music, play and tour. There is nothing worse than feeling silently stuck. I have never been good at sitting still. Gotta keep it moving. It’s the only way to grow. Now I can put my music out when I want, how I want. Blessing. I have finished a complete album and have been collaborating with some amazing people as well. All of that is coming soon. But this is me saying Hello again… but in a new way… and directly from the heart.”

Photography by Zach Gold