cadencekid-1Cadence Kid, aka Jason Turbin, usually writes orchestral music and works on music for films, now he talks about Halloween and his latest single, aptly named ‘The Darkness’ featuring Amber Quintero. ‘The Darkness’ – released on 28th October via My Music Mind – is a graciously eerie synth-infused track, with a clever electro-pop vibe.

Hi Cadence Kid! How are you today?

Today is wonderful! I get to talk to you:)

Thats nice. Thanks….What’s your new single ‘The Darkness’ all about?

It’s about things that live in the Dark. I’ve been watching Penny Dreadful and this may have something to do with it;)

Why did you decide to release the track near Halloween?

It just felt fitting to release ‘The Darkness’ around this time.

I’ve always had an obsession with Halloween. Such a creative time for many people and who doesn’t like getting in a costume and celebrating.

Were you surprised by how much critical acclaim your previous single ‘Hold On Me’ got?

I truly was! I’m stunned by the number of people on youtube who have put Hold On Me in their videos and continue to do so each new day!

Who are your biggest influences?

This is a tough one……maybe Bach? I used to analyze his music religiously.

You’ve recently Orchestrated music for the new movie Ouija 2 – what was that like?

So much fun! Orchestral instruments are a big portion of my life. I think the film is perfect for Halloween

What’s the music scene like in LA at the moment?

All over the place. Many different genres from Mariachi to Jazz all happening every night!

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

I might release another song and music vid. I also have lots of Orchestral music I’ve written so maybe I’ll focus on recording
some of it.