Brave Little Note is electronic musician Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Irvine’s musical moniker. She describes her darkly convincing new single ‘Grrrl Trouble’, like this…“A visceral, emotional response – triggered by the election of Donald Trump – to her personal experiences of misogyny.”

Hi Brave Little Note, how are you today?

Hello! I’m well, and mellow. Thanks for asking!

Can you tell us a little bit about your new project?

Ah Grrrl Trouble! Well, she accidentally spilled out in a torrent of unbridled fury in the days following the election of the new POTUS. I couldn’t help it. I was cross. It had to go somewhere. So here it is now for your listening er.. pleasure!

Describe your sound in five words.

Emotional, Electronic, Layered, Harmonic, Instrumental (usually) but for Grrrl Trouble – Raucous Electronic Synths Do Battle.What makes you different from other electronica artists?

I don’t think I really have a ‘Sound’.. My tracks are tied together only by my voice, and by the fact they all stem from feeling. I haven’t really managed to write two tracks that sound that alike so far.. I don’t know if that makes me different or not though!

Can you explain what your single ‘Grrrl Trouble’ is all about?

It’s a reaction to all the times I’ve personally experienced misogynistic abuse or behaviour – be it verbal, physical or situational. The election was a wake up call. I had felt things were moving in the right direction. conversations about equality were taking place.. And then here was the new POTUS. A man who said ‘just grab their pussy.’ The realisation of my experiences multiplied by the female population floored me. I was angry, at him, and at the men and women that advocate or perpetrate this insidious behaviour.

Any gigs coming up?

Hoping to play a few festivals this year. I rarely play, but will this year.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

I’m going to crowd fund my album. I’ve never made a record before, my music has been diverse in both sound and destination (much of it ending up in film and tv), so I’d like now to make something more cohesive.