‘Sketch: The Reprise’ EP, from genuinely talented Nigerian-born musician Bemyoda, is a re-release of his 2013 debut EP ‘Sketch’.

The stunningly sleek and timeless collection of soulful and catchy gems, is produced by veteran Nashville producer and musician Paul Scholten, with original production coming from some of West Africa’s finest new producers Atta LeNell, IBK Spaceshipboi, Laitan Dada and Amos Kantiok.

Bemyoda explains: “Sketch was always that – a sketch, rough, unfinished, a prelude to something fuller, to a more complete image. A body of work good enough to give a sense of my direction as an artist, yet devoid of completeness. Something clear enough to let the observer see basic forms and perspective, yet begging to not be used as total definition for my creative intent or ability”.

‘Sketch: The Reprise’ is out NOW via QuirkTheory Music, on iTunes