FM presents | Be The Bear

Directed by Robin Kempe-Bergman, this aptly lush video for sweetly talented and fiercely independent female artist/producer, Be The Bear’s latest offering, called ‘Erupt’. The visual serves as a dream overture to her enchantingly sultry romance-pop sonic world.

The Swedish talent explains…”I used to dream about them every night, chasing me up old wooden staircases. When dreams come back again and again, I think it’s because you’re trying to deal with something. I wasn’t facing my fears and challenging myself.”

When asked about ‘Erupt’, Christina Wehage, better known by the stage name Be The Bear, says: “Erupt is my ode to new places in life and an invocation to the fearlessness in all of us. It’s about the learning experience of transporting strong emotions into something physical”.