be-charlotte1Dundee’s teenage singer, producer and writer Be Charlotte, shares this aptly stunning video for her brand new single called ‘Machines That Breathe’.
Speaking about the futuristic video – by Iain Hendo – the director says: “I’ve been a fan of Be Charlotte since the early days, always admiring the unstoppable musical talent. I directed the music video in Edinburgh during the Fringe festival. The idea was to create a layer of reality weaved through a digital narrative shining a light on people’s technological habits.”

‘Machines That Breathe’ – produced by Be Charlotte and Marcus Mackay – is a cleverly catchy and meaningful pop tune, which fully display her knack for writing socially poignant songs about life, “through the eyes of a young aspirational woman”…The single is out now and includes a B-Side track, ‘Drawing Windows’.

Photos by Murray McMillan