AugusteAustralian ethereal pop duo Auguste – step-sisters and self-confessed BFFs, Skye Lockwood & Beth Keough – share new video, directed by Alfonso Coronel, for their track ‘Kingdom’. A sweetly refreshing, harmonically engaging, electro-pop tune, produced by Andy Bull, about “taking control of your own personal space”. The video features contemporary dancers Jess Statton and Aiden Kane Munn.

Keough says: “The song is called Kingdom because of the lyric ‘this corner is my kingdom’, so there is royal imagery worked into the scenes…we wanted the clip to evoke that feeling of ownership.”

Lockwood explains: “Kingdom is about personal space and the challenges we face when others are invading that space in a negative way…it’s really a bit of an ‘eff you’ to anyone who has ever tried to control you or tell you what to do.”Auguste2Keough reveals: “We both live in Adelaide and it’s a pretty bloody good life, living close to town. It’s affordable for an artist and there is always so much to do, the creative scene is really thriving here at the moment and we both love getting out amongst it, and getting inspired by it all.”

Photos by Tania Hirschausen / Andy Nowell