FM Presents | Anna-Rose

Led by exciting singer/composer Anna-Rose Clayton (born in East Grinstead, UK), Amsterdam-based Electronic Pop project Anna-Rose, presents debut single ‘ILYF (I Love Your Face)’ and the suitably lush analog video. ‘ILYF’ works as the ideal introduction to Anna-Rose’s sonic realm, a mix of suitably gutsy pop, drenched in drops of delicious rawness…

Clayton reveals…”ILYF is about The intriguing thought of us living in a bubble of our beautiful ego world, where we want everything to be golden and perfect. When outside of thatbubble things are so different because of our high demands and expectations, but we don’t want to face that…”

She adds: “The comfort in saying something as honest as I love your face. Whatever is going on, I just love it. Letting someone know you love it, whatever age, whatever
dream your striving towards. Just soothing and pure, giving someone our undivided attention.

On the inspiration behind the video…”The video for ILYF is also an introduction to Anna-Rose as a band, so our goal was to have it portray our cool, tough and sporty ‘team’. Girls building each other up like a team does and a song that celebrates that idea. The locations like the tennis court and rugby field reflect the songs message of ambition. The ‘wanting to be golden’ and having high hopes and expectations. We notice that this attitude is something a lot of people can relate to.”