ZIM: (L-R) Matt Cossman, Eddie Zimmerman, Zim

FM PREMIERE: ZIM’s ‘The Day She Left Him’ is a vivid depiction of love’s complexities

"It's a tale of a guy overcoming the temptation to stay in a bad relationship simply to maintain the comfort of the status quo"
8 December 2023

Crafting empowering soundscapes with upcoming album ‘GO’

In Rochester, NY, there is a three-piece force known as ZIM.​ Comprising Mike Zimmerman, aka ‘Zim,’ on guitar, Eddie Zimmerman on guitar, and the rhythmic backbone provided by percussionist Matt Cossman, ZIM is not just a band; they are architects of stories woven into the fabric of their music.

Their latest single, The Day She Left Him, serves as a poignant chapter from their upcoming album GO. In this soul-baring track, ZIM captures the essence of that pivotal moment in a dependent relationship. It’s a narrative familiar to many, filled with starts, stops, and compromises. Yet, when the crossroads is reached, and one must confront the decision to let go, The Day She Left Him becomes a resonant anthem.

Zim, the creative force behind the band, delves into the essence of the track, saying, “It’s a tale of a guy overcoming the temptation to stay in a bad relationship simply to maintain the comfort of the status quo. The song encapsulates the realization of the moment: as he closes the door behind his departing partner, a scary new world of empowerment and anxiety opens.”

This single, recorded at Mammoth Recording Studios in Buffalo, N.Y., is just a glimpse into the musical journey that GO promises to offer. The upcoming album, a 7-track collection, is a sonic exploration, delving into blues rock, Americana, folk, and honky-tonk. Each track unfolds like a story, painting a vivid picture of love and its complexities.

“GO is a fantastic word. With only two letters, it can mean so many things when the ‘G’ comes first: Go ahead and fall in love; Go, just leave!; Please don’t go!; and, I gotta go!” explains Zim, shedding light on the thought process behind the album’s intriguing title.

ZIM, formed in 2019, has steadily carved a niche for themselves, earning a dedicated fanbase that continues to grow. With over 80,000 streams on Spotify in 2023 and nods from radio outlets like KALX, WMFT, and Hermit Radio, ZIM’s distinctive ability to seamlessly blend styles and genres defines their uniqueness. From protest songs to Americana-Rock, ZIM’s discography is a testament to a musical identity that refuses to be confined.

ZIM’s trajectory is one to closely follow as a result of the band’s commitment to evolving, both in sound and storytelling.