FM premiere | Yeah But No ‘Sand’ video

If you’re a Berlin resident or tend to routinely hit up clubs in the city, you probably ran into the fellas from YEAH BUT NO (producer Douglas Greed and vocalist Fabian Kuss,) at some point, somewhere. They’ve been around for a hot minute now – both clubbing and playing out. An interesting factoid: their studio, where all of this soulful, electronica magic (which you will hear in a minute) happens is actually based on the premises of the legendary Holzmarkt club (Bar 25 anybody?)! Which basically means that they can take a break from producing and hit the bar for a couple of shots, or, the dance floor to check out how the track they are working on performs in a real life/club type situation – whenever they want! That’s pretty off the wall but, I guess, also “very Berlin.”

We are proud to feature the video for their latest single, entitled Sand, as well as the all-star studded Remix EP accompanying this addictive, existentialist banger. The EP features versions from Pete Tong’s darlings, Lessons, RA staple Phonique and Watergate resident Ruede Hagelstein.

Right before posting this we also got word that Kölsch (KOMPAKT) just played the original of Sand in his set on the Eiffel Tower, just the other day, and actually said that it’s one of his favourite tunes right now. Stay tuned for the self-titled LP from YEAH BUT NO, which will be dropping November 10th courtesy of the SINNBUS imprint.