FM PREMIERE: Vianne shares her sultry soul-pop gem ‘Take Me With You’ feat. NeONE The Wonderer

"It's a melodic wanderlust, a yearning to share new horizons with someone dear"
29 September 2023

Hailing from the cultural melting pot of Tucson, Arizona, Vianne infuses her music with a vocal depth reminiscent of legends like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Yet, she seamlessly blends these influences with her contemporary style, establishing herself as a defining voice for the modern generation.

In the vibrant tapestry of London’s burgeoning music scene, 20-year-old soul-pop sensation Vianne emerges as a rising starlet, announcing the upcoming release of her captivating EP, Blue. The anticipation builds with the unveiling of her sultry soul-pop gem, Take Me With You, featuring the enigmatic NeONE The Wonderer.

Take Me With You is a sonic journey that transcends genres, seamlessly weaving influences from vintage soul, modern jazz, contemporary R&B, and pop. Vianne‘s artistry knows no bounds as she crafts a lush and unique sound, drawing inspiration from diverse musical landscapes.

In her own words, Vianne shares the genesis of the track: “At sixteen, gazing upon city lights and daydreaming of Tokyo’s allure, this song was born. It’s a melodic wanderlust, a yearning to share new horizons with someone dear. The vibrant sounds of NeONE The Wonderer were the perfect fit, making the song’s journey complete.”

The world first took notice when, at the tender age of sixteen, Vianne‘s single Drop Dead surpassed a million streams. Her meteoric rise continued with stellar performances at SXSW in 2022, sharing stages with industry titans like Chet Faker, Macy Gray, Jordan Rakei, Wax Tailor, and Bilal.

Produced by the talented Silas Short from Stones Throw, ‘Take Me With You’ is a testament to VIANNE’s evolution as an artist. The collaboration with NeONE The Wonderer enriches the track.

As Blue prepares to make its mark in 2023, accompanied by another EP, VIANNE‘s star is undeniably on the rise, promising a musical journey that transcends boundaries.