FM Premiere | Tuva Finserås’ THE WANDERER Video

An exploration of toxic relationships is matched by stunning visual.

Norwegian-born artist Tuva Finserås is back with The Wanderer, a stunning track that fits beneath folk and pop genres – but not nearly. Her songwriting is award winning, via a partnership with APRA AMCOS, and she has received support from Triple J unearthed.

The video is striking and delicately paints the narrative of the song, and is a much watch for sure. Check it out below:

Speaking to the motivation behind The Wanderer, Tuva Finserås shares: “The Wanderer is about trying to find a new direction in life without just running away from a problem. It’s about dealing with a toxic relationship and allowing yourself to remove yourself from it. The character “The Wanderer” is a traveler and a person who literally chooses to move on and sets out on a big journey to find new hope and pathways and to find back to herself/himself again.”