TRUEThe Swiss duo TRUE – skilled Jazz musicians Daniela Sarda (vocals) and Rico Baumann (production and drums) – shine with new track ‘Holiday Tickets’, a finely delivered and smoothly produced, future-R&B number, an undeniably perfect preamble to their debut LP ‘Wrapped in Air’ (out 23.09.2016 via Mouthwatering Records).

“I sang – says Rico – ‘Holiday Tickets’ into my phone, this was many years ago. I was in a hotel bathroom in Germany, while on tour with a jazz band. The Chorus is quite special, but probably nobody will notice. We wanted to have the same word repeated at the end of each line, but then we came up with different words that sound similar but aren’t the same.”

On ‘Wrapped in Air’, Rico explains: “Making this album was a unique process for us. We started putting down ideas and drafts more than a year ago. We sent files back and forth while I was still in New York. I actually recorded a lot of the bass and horn arrangements with a bunch of great musicians that I met in Brooklyn. This was very encouraging because they loved these songs and our style. They all had some interesting things to say about it,like that it feels like looking at a big city at night, from far away. At first it looks like clean cut forms, but you realize they’re filled with life when you look closer… TRUE1…Or that it sounds very urban and international, but they could still see a certain kind of european or even swiss “otherness” in it.The last couple of months Dani and I only found two blocks of 4-5 days to record the vocals, write lyrics and also to write new songs. It was a very tight schedule, but it worked out somehow. The last month was really crazy. I was in the studio every minute I could find, most of the nights till 6, 8, or even 10 a.m. Then I would sleep 1- 4 hours and would go to meet our mixing engineer to mix a song, and then I’d go back to the studio to finish the next one. So there wasn’t any time to go back to an older song or to change things around. I basically finished a song per day and that was it.”

Dani concludes…”All in all I would say that this material is more colorful, less minimalist than our last songs, maybe even more positive and alive, as well…”