FM Premiere | Tropic Harbour & Katie Laine Shine With OH NO

The next release from Absent Mind is a guitar-laced little beauty. Canadian producer Tropic Harbour brings us Oh No a track produced alongside Katie Laine –  front-woman of the band Katie & The Wildfire. Effortlessly melodic and majestic in its delivery, splashes of electronica and pop are given organic appeal.

Tropic Harbour says: “Katie’s voice has such an effortless charm about it and her songwriting always stood out to me, so I wanted to collaborate with her. I asked her to send me a recording of a song she was working on so she sent me a rough iPhone recording with just a single take of her track. I was planning to have her come over to my studio to re-record the guitar and vocals, but after playing around I loved the imperfections of it and just went with it.”

By Holly Frith