tom-brosseau1The album ‘North Dakota Impressions’, from American singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau, is a radiant collection of timeless, dreamy songs, about childhood memories in his hometown…

On the stunning video for album’s standout track ‘On A Gravel Road’, Brosseau says: “The visuals for ‘On A Gravel Road’ are the product of a handful of friends wandering the drought ridden hills of Vacaville, California. Directed and edited by Amber Padgett (Heavy Sweater Productions) and shot by Alexandra Steele (Sunmonks), this video attempts to highlight the beauty in longing. A sprinkling of stop motion animation was incorporated with much sweat and laughter to help emphasize the mysticism of love…Much thanks to actress, Jenny Herbert, and flowermonger, Michael Leahy.”tom-brosseau-vid3On ‘North Dakota Impressions’ he reveals: “My sense of home is probably the dearest thing I hold. I work to preserve it. I go back into my memories and dreams of where I grew up and I explore, not as a detective but a cartographer. Noting each item and each room I am able to keep everything alive, and when everything is alive it is glorious. So daily I roam through any place or structure I’ve ever been. I visit with people that have long since been dead. I sit in a park with my favorite weather.”tom-brosseau-vid2Tom Brosseau’s ’North Dakota Impressions’ is out 16 Sept on Crossbill Records


Photography by Alexandra Steele/Heavy Sweater Productions