FM PREMIERE: ‘Thin Line’ by Haneri

It serves as a bittersweet reminder that while circumstances may be challenging, one is never truly alone.
8th September 2023

Haneri, an intriguing Singaporean artist and singer-songwriter, who was previously known as Daphne Khoo, is coming back after a short hiatus, revealing a delicious new project and a fresh sonic direction.

For her new single, Thin Line, she has taken full creative control, writing, producing, and performing the song herself. The result is an alt-pop ballad that transcends listeners into a world of dreamlike synth pads and atmospheric guitars, seamlessly blending elements of dream pop, indie, and electronic music to create a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Haneri explains the essence of Thin Line by saying: “The song was written to express how I’d feel being in that situation, and I hope if anyone can relate, they know they aren’t alone in their circumstance.”

It feels like I’m walking a
Thin line
And I’m just trying not to fall
And who knows
Maybe this is nothing at all
But how can i be so comfortable with somebody else’s someone
Is bad timing all it ever was
Do you see this line at all

Haneri‘s vocals take center stage in Thin Line, delivering pop-infused melodies that resonate on an emotional level. The song’s theme revolves around the poignant concept of meeting a soulmate who remains out of reach due to circumstances beyond one’s control. Thin Line serves as a bittersweet reminder that while circumstances may be challenging, one is never truly alone.

Thin Line is a blend of alt-pop brilliance that touches the heart and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in this exciting new chapter of her musical journey.

Haneri has proven many times how her collaborations have stretched musical boundaries. She has ventured into exciting territories by working with internationally recognized artists such as Charlie Puth, Kehlani, Paloma Faith, and even delving into the EDM scene with DJs like DASCO and Dash Berlin. Notably, her collaboration with Vietnamese sensation Hoaprox and internet star YUAN resulted in the creation of ‘Saviour,’ which was featured in the immensely popular game Rocket League.

These collaborations highlight her versatility and her ability to seamlessly adapt to various musical genres. Haneri is starting a new remarkable musical journey with Thin Line and we can’t wait to see where it takes her next.