urp1Led by eclectic songwriter and multi-instrumentalist R.W. Enoch, Jr., Los Angeles-based 13-piece musical collective, The Urban Renewal Project, deliver timelessly urgent tunes, constructed around their refreshingly relevant take on classic rock, pop, jazz, & hip-hop vibes. The smoothly catchy, psychedelic soul track called ‘Hide’, featuring vocals from Dustin Morgan of chamber-rock ensemble Archer Black and powerful rhymes from Elmer Demond, it’s taken from URP’s ambitiously stunning new LP ’21st Century Ghost’.

The lushly intriguing accompanying video, was shot & edited by Alejandro Echevarria.

“’21st Century Ghost’ was inspired by the profound isolation of this century – reveals Enoch – most of the songs discuss different side-effects of society’s efforts over the last 100 years to build a technology-fueled utopia and the ways in which these efforts, which sought to bring us together, have actually further isolated us…”urpHe adds: “The LP in it’s own way diffuses the loneliness and isolation we all feel by offering a little bit of something for every music fan inside—soul, disco, hip-hop, indie rock, funk, jazz and world fusion…”